Why We're Here

We're here because...

•Outcomes for young children cannot be separated from family conditions since families are the primary system for promoting children's physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

•Outcomes for families cannot be separated from community conditions, since the capacity of neighborhoods to provide safe, stable, stimulating resource-sufficient environments is key to family success.

•Children's welfare cannot be ensured by attending to child welfare alone. The basic social problems that are at the core of such a great proportion of families living at the fringe of the mainstream are also at the core of child welfare problems. Poverty, community violence, inadequate schools and drugs affect almost every family.

•Strong, caring families are the basis for a strong, vital community.

•Parents are the most important influence in a child's developmental success. An individual's ability to parent effectively depends on his or her vitality, creativity, resilience, flexibility, discipline, ability to communicate and ability to make informed decisions. We believe it is the community's responsibility to help support and educate struggling parents so that they can gain these traits so that their children can thrive.

•Increases in social capital resulting from social connection and network-building strengthen family systems.

•Enhancing protective factors that are associated with strong families increases children's safety and ability to thrive.
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