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Holiday Giving
Holiday Season, 2010

Dear Friends,

Challenging economic times compel us to consider what is important. What are the things that matter most to me? What can I do to make a difference for the people and organizations I care about?

As Southern California's premier family resource center, Friends of the Family confidently strives to work on two levels - we want to meet compelling needs...for food, shelter, safety and security..and we also want to create conditions in which families become self-sufficient and are able to take care of themselves.

If you agree that Friends of the Family makes a difference in the community, remember that your personal philanthropy is important. Quite simply, your generosity makes our work possible, and gifts of all types and amounts have an impact. Please click on our Donate Now button and join our force for good. You can also scroll down for more ways to join us.

We deeply appreciate our friends and supporters and it is our privilege to be of service.

Happy Holidays to you,

From All of Us at Friends of the Family

Holiday Giving
•A wonderful way to give twice this holiday season...Do you have people on your list who just don't need another sweater or book? Consider giving them the present of a tribute gift to Friends of the Family in their honor. Purchase holiday card vellum inserts to put into your holiday mailings. A pack of 5 gift ready vellums is $50 or a pack 10 gift ready vellums is $100. Each vellum reads:
“In the spirit of the season, a donation has been made in your name to FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY, one of southern California’s most highly regarded family resource centers. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”
Your gift to those important to you is also a gift to Friends of the Family and will support our impactful work.

If you have any questions, please contact Brenda Hillhouse at (818) 988-4430 or at
•Family to Family
For struggling families, the holiday season is not always jolly, and many have little hope for something to celebrate. You can help make another family's holiday special by participating in our Family to Family Holiday Program We will provide you a bio of a family in need and you and your family can shop for gifts, wrap them, and we will deliver them for you. Contact Adrienne Sausser at (818) 988-4430 or for more info.
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