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Friends of the Family
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Vision & Mission
Vision for the Community – What We Seek To Accomplish
Friends of the Family is guided by a tenacious vision of vibrant communities where children and families thrive and succeed, where parents are equipped to be advocates, mentors, champions, and cheerleaders for their children, and where each child realizes his or her unique potential of mind, body, and spirit.
Vision for the Organization – What We Seek To Be
Friends of the Family seeks to be a national leader in the field of family support, providing dynamic leadership and inspiration for family empowerment and community building. The organization will be known for conducting its work with professionalism, respect, and an expectation of the best possible outcomes in all endeavors.
Mission of the Organization – What We Seek To Do
The mission of Friends of the Family is to foster strong, self-sufficient families, joyful and resilient children, and vibrant communities by providing respectful, responsive family support programs in the greater Los Angeles area. The organization seeks to provide services and activities designed to build strong families, improve productive outcomes for children, help teens become self-sufficient adults, promote self-sustaining employment, curb violence, and promote community involvement.
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