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Public Policy

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Public Policy

Friends of the Family envisions itself as a champion for progressive and lasting policy change in the arena of prevention and family support. We focus our attention on and work to improve conditions that affect the lives of families in Southern California. Susan Kaplan, Executive Director, is the President of the Board of the California Family Resource Association, an organization that works to build vibrant communities that put children and families first. Deborah Davies, Director of Programs, is the Convener for Los Angeles County's Service Planning Area (SPA) 2, and is a leader in family resource policy and advocacy. Together, Ms. Kaplan and Ms. Davies are powerful voices for family issues & family support at both the local and the state level.

Public Policy Issues
Friends of the Family is committed to a progressive stance on these policy issues:

•Child Welfare
•Child Abuse Prevention
•School & Workforce Readiness
•Teen Pregnancy Prevention
•Community Capacity Building
•Family friendly neighborhoods & cities
•Vibrant Not-for-Profit Sector
•Investment in Prevention
•Social equity and justice

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