Programs Overview
Friends of the Family's programs are organized into four programmatic divisions:
Programs are designed to synergistically reach all members of our community in a wrap-around fashion. Parent Support & Education programs work with parents to develop their skills and capability for safe, nurturing parenting as well as their capacity as advocates and champions for their children. Child & Youth Development programs work with the entire range of age groups: very young children (and often their parents) to develop the attachment and support for early, eager learning that are key to developing healthy relationships and doing well in school; pre-schoolers to cement attributes of inquisitiveness and socialization; and, elementary, middle and high schoolers to enable the acquisition of the skills
and resources they need to succeed in school and prepare for their futures. Family Development programs work to strengthen family capacity to take care of themselves and to enhance their economic stability and access to resources. Mental Health programs assist children, youth and adults by providing them the tools needed to enhance social and relationship connections, family functioning and emotional health.

Our programs are designed to foster: improved sense of community and interpersonal connectedness; increased resilience; improved parental knowledge and competence; improved social and emotional competence; increased awareness of the beneficial help that is available and the ability to access and utilize the assistance; increased economic well-being; and strengthened and expanded community-based networks. Enhancing these protective factors that are associated with strong families in turn increases children's safety and ability to thrive.

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