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Planned Gifts and Requests

Planned giving is a deliberate form of charitable giving in which donors include Friends of the Family in their financial and/or estate plans. In so doing, they often are able to take advantage of favorable state and federal tax laws to meet multiple financial goals.

The most common scenario involves simply naming Friends of the Family in one's will or living trust. Donors also may make gifts of property; designate Friends of the Family as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy; or establish "life-income" arrangements, such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts, which involve transferring cash or other assets to Friends of the Family in exchange for regular payments for the rest of their lives.

Planned gifts can reduce taxable income, provide options for distributing estates to heirs, avoid capital gains on appreciated assets, and generate ongoing income. Planned giving also provides a vital source of future funding for Friends of the Family, enabling it to respond to the ever-changing needs of families in our community.

For further information, contact Brenda Hillhouse, Director of Development, at 818-988-4430 or at
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