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The Time Has Come…

For more than forty years, Friends of the Family has been the place struggling families turn to get the help they need to succeed. Now, FINALLY, the time has come for FOF to move to the kind of space that will allow us to more effectively serve our community’s children and families.
…and we NEED your support!

• The Technology and Computer Learning Lab that will enable our young moms and young dads to further the skills they need to provide for their young children

• The Parent Salon & Library that will provide a respite for moms and dads living in neighborhoods rife with crime and gang activity, allowing them to come together and learn about parenting and child development so that they can truly be the champions, cheerleaders, and mentors their children need them to be

• The Healthy Living Space that will allow families who come from neighborhoods with some of the highest obesity and preventable disease rates in the City to engage in nutrition and cooking classes and movement and exercise which will lead to much better health outcomes

• The Art Studio & Music Room that will allow children coming from some of the most challenged neighborhoods in Los Angeles to engage in art and performance experiences that dispel hopelessness, encourage imagination, and build
confidence, competence and school success

• Counseling Rooms that make individual and family counseling available to children and families on very limited budgets so that their social and emotional health can be enhanced

• The Children’s Garden which will provide an outside play area for children to learn about nutritious food and tend the kinds of plants and flowers that attract
butterflies, the symbol of change and growth

• The Clothes and Food Pantry which will provide concrete supports to families
who struggle to make ends meet and often cannot, even when working two
jobs at a time

• The Community Room that is large enough for neighborhood gatherings and for inter-agency collaboration so that everyone can work together to make
challenged communities work better for their residents
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