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Since its inception in 1972 as the first model of a comprehensive family support center in Southern California, Friends of the Family has built a rich history of leadership and innovation in the field of family-centered, strength-based programming. For almost four decades, Friends of the Family has supported and taught parents how to create safe and nurturing homes where children can grow into healthy, joyful young people.

Our humble beginnings started in a small office space of 300 square feet with an annual budget under $10,000. When Friends of the Family began delivering services in July, 1972, its founders had the foresight to envision a comprehensive community center with a family focus, a re-visioning of the settlement houses of the early 20th century. Based on this comprehensive family support model, Friends of the Family has continuously grown to its present budget of $2.4 million. Today, our creative and responsive programs and services serve over 5,000 parents and children annually.

These services provide a safety net of support resulting in improved family and community health, educational readiness and achievement, economic self-sufficiency, and community unity. Programs address problems of child abuse and neglect, family violence, family instability, school failure, and family isolation.
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