Family Development Programs

The Family Development Programs work with parents to develop their capacities as advocates and champions for their children. Children's prospects for future success are dependent upon their parents’ economic stability, social connections to community peers, and knowledge of child development. Programs and activities help parents develop financial stability, increase resilience and competence, gain access to community supports and resources, and actively guide their children's growth and development. Activities include job readiness, job training, job acquisition, financial education, income supports, social network building, and community planning.

Services and activities take place at our main office in North Hills as well as at a number of community centers and schools throughout the Northeast San Fernando Valley. Program offerings include:
•Young Moms/Young Dads- comprehensive parent education and personal development programs for high-risk pregnant and parenting adolescents. These programs address the diverse range of educational, social, and health needs of young parents and their babies. The programs’ purpose is to break the teen pregnancy cycle that generations are likely to repeat without intervention, teach parents about child development and how to properly care for their children, and help young parents become work-force ready and financially stable. Successful participation in this long-running program improves outcomes for two generations of our community's children.

Community Action Groups

Building neighborhood based and common-link social networks has demonstrated critical efficacy as a strategy for increasing the social connections and increased personal competence that are strongly connected with strengthening family systems. Friends of the Family's Community Action Groups provide mutual aid and peer support, enhance members’ capacity to self-manage and self-care, enable members to become aware of and involved in improving their neighborhoods, and provide members with connection to resources, activities, services and supports. Participant residents make social connections, increase personal resilience, improve parenting skills, foster their children’s social and emotional growth, find concrete support in times of need, and increase economic opportunities. Building out from this authentic engagement are networks and partnerships that work to change institutional policies and practices, transforming and creating neighborhood assets such as more responsive schools.

Case Management
Program participants facing complex challenges can often benefit from a personal coach. When families are overwhelmed with burden and lack of support, they are provided with case management services which include special guidance, mentoring and resource connection. Our case management model is predicated on harnessing the assets and motivations of each family with case managers acting as coach and guide, facilitating access to resources, and amplifying the family’s advocacy voice.
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