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Child & Youth Development Programs

Friends of the Family’s Child and Youth Development programs are designed to develop the social and emotional competencies of children so that they can access the skills and resources they need to succeed in school and prepare for their futures. Programs serve an age range of children and youth from infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to elementary, middle, and high schoolers. The overarching goal of these programs is that children living in our neighborhoods will experience extraordinary success in their school and health outcomes and in the quality of nurturing care they receive from their families.

Program offerings include:

•Calling All Kids-
for elementary age school children, utilizing creative and literary arts to improve social and life skills, increase self esteem, enhance character development and improve cultural awareness and appreciation.

•The 4Rs Program (Respect, Responsibility, Reasoning and Resilience)-
designed to work with middle school boys and girls. The 4Rs Program's objectives include improved academic success, increased understanding of the importance of community involvement, increased cultural appreciation, improved life skills, increased ability to make positive life choices, improved positive core values, and increased sense of self. An integral part of the 4Rs Program is the mentoring component which matches middle school students with high school and adult mentors who assist with homework and provide positive role models during this critical developmental stage.
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•Acorns to Acorns- designed to provide support and guidance to at-risk pre-teen girls. Program sessions are conducted after school with two facilitator “mentor mothers” providing an opportunity for girls to interact with strong female role models as they explore their unfolding transition into middle school and young womanhood.

•Best Babies- designed to work with at-risk young mothers who are pregnant or parenting. Home visiting, intensive case management and counseling services are provided to new mothers experiencing depression and domestic violence issues. The objectives of this program are healthy births, increased knowledge of parenting skills, increased mother/child attachment, ensuring that mothers have greater awareness of health and other resources and overall, more stable lives for their young children.
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